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A. Personal Accident Takaful
B. Banker's Blanket Takaful
C. Money Takaful

A. Personal Accident Takaful

Protection for your family in case an accident strikes unexpectedly

  • Key Features:

    • This policy covers any loss caused by accidents including Bodily Injury, caused solely and directly by violent, accidental, external and visible means.
    • Also includes coverage for the following incidents:
      1. Death: The Capital Sum (i.e. maximum lump-sum a policy will pay) is insured.
      2. Permanent Disability: percentage of Capital Sum insured, graded as per the Continental Scale (international measure for payment of benefits used for personal accident claims).
      3. Temporary Total Disability from engaging in or giving attention to any profession or occupation: percentage of Capital Sum Insured per week or a fixed amount not exceeding the actual weekly salary will be paid.
    • Accident–related medical expenses are also covered
    • The insured person should be between 18 to 65 years of age.
    • The cover can be provided to individuals as well as groups.
B. Banker's Blanket Takaful

Looking for a customized solution for your financial institution?

  • Key Features:

    • This policy covers a number of insuring clauses which can be availed of in whole, or be tailor-made to fit the bank’s specific needs.
    • The following are the insuring clauses:
      1. Infidelity of Employees
      2. On premises
      3. In-transit
      4. Forgery and Alteration
      5. Securities
      6. Counterfeit Currency
      7. Office and Contents
    • As an addition (rider), you also get Takaful protection against Electronic Computer Crime and Professional Indemnity.
C. Money Takaful

A Secure your cash management process

  • Key Features:

    This policy covers loss of money whilst on the premises during business hours, whilst in a locked Safe out of business hours and whilst in transit between specified locations by authorized employees.
13 May 2015   Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company P.S.C (“TAKAFUL”) Reports period ended 31 March Net Profit of AED 12 Million
Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company P.S.C (“TAKAFUL”) Reports period ended 31 March Net Profit of AED 12 Million
12 April 2015   Our Head Office has Moved
Our Head Office has Moved
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